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There are many reasons to use an English to Afghan Persian and Afghan Persian to English translation service, such as to translate a personal or business document. With our comprehensive network of professional Afghan Persian translators we can translate English to Afghan Persian and Afghan Persian to English in a very thorough and focused way.

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We carry ISO certification, and are always ready to serve all of our customers as fast and efficiently as possible, and this is done by finding ways to improve the quality of our translation while reducing cost to the customer at the same time.

About Afghan Persian Language

Afghan Persian language is an Indo-European language which is spoken by about 38 million speakers all over the world. Afghan Persian language consists of large number of Arabic words and this is the reason why it is written as modification of Arabic alphabets. Being a pluricentric language, the grammar of Afghan Persian language is very much similar to the modern European languages.

Our team of Afghan Persian translators

Afghan Persian translation is not an easy thing to do accurately, and most people just assume that translation work can be done by virtually anyone who understands both the English and Afghan Persian languages.

Also there are many free Afghan Persian translation software programs out there, and some people mistakenly believe that these things are all that is needed for a good translation.

There are many different translation for Afghan Persian words, and therefore it is necessary for the translator to being able to capture the intended meaning of the phrases.

All Afghan Persian translation are done quickly and with ease

We have the fastest turnaround on Afghan Persian to English and English to Afghan Persian translation, and we are flexible enough to make our services fit your specific wants and needs. We strive to always give quick, thorough, and personalized services regardless of the size or type of document that is being translated.

No matter the type of translation needed, medical, legal, technical, or personal documents, we are always happy to take care of anything from huge projects to small personal documents and we will do so with professionalism and focus.

When you use our English to Afghan Persian translation or Afghan Persian to English translation service you will be able to draw on a team of highly dedicated experts that use various methods to guarantee their work is of the highest quality.


About Afghan Persian Language


Country Where Spoken

Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Official Language of

Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan


Central Asia, Middle East

Total Speakers


Language Family

Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Persian, Southwestern Iranian, Western Iranian