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About Albanian Language

Albanian language is spoken by more than 6 million people, primarily in Greece, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro; and also by people along the eastern coast of Italy and Sicily. Albanian Language forms its own district branch of the Indo- European Language family. Albanian Language is divided into three zones namely Tosk, Gheg and a transitional dialect between the both.

In Albanian language the stress is fixed mainly on the penultimate syllable and the mid central vowel “e” is reduced at the end of the word. These peculiar features of Albanian language have obviously created the need for an in-country translator who’d be objectively performing the translation within the range as written under the Albanian Translation Protocols.

Our team of Albanian translators

English to Albanian and Albanian to English translation services are carried out by our Albanian translators with ease. As an ISO certified company, we set our standards with our resources, facilities and services. Our team of Albanian translators is all qualified, highly trained and experienced.

The candidates have the right qualifications, attitude and skills and before they can join the team, they have to pass a stringent selection process and training.

Our team includes native- speaker translators, bilingual and multilingual members. We work as a team and together, we strive to meet our customer's expectation and standards. With our resources, technology and unique strategies, your translation jobs can be handled with great care, utmost privacy and efficiently.

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About Albanian Language


Country Where Spoken

Greece, Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro and South Serbia, Turkey and Italy

Official Language of

Albania, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia



Alternate Names

Arnaut, Shkip, Shqip, Shqiperë, Skchip, Tosk, Zhgabe

Total Speakers


Language Family

Indo-European, Albanian

Writing Style

Latin alphabet (Albanian variant)


Arbanasi, Camerija, Korca, Srem