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All Translation Services specializes in quality Amharic to English and English to Amharic translation for all translation purposes. We have many professional Amharic translators providing our customers with affordable and quick Amharic translation for business and personal needs.

Many Ethiopian companies and individuals continue having their documents translated using our Amharic translation services.

Our company is certified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards. This assures that we offer high quality and reliable services.

Our translators can make translation from Amharic to English and from English to Amharic for any kind of business, personal, medical or technical type of document you may need translated. Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable and cost effective translation, no matter what kind of document they need translated. We can do anything from the smallest to the largest project.

About Amharic Language

The rapid growth of the Ethiopian communities in Europe, Canada and United States resulted in the need for Amharic Translation Companies who are connected to the roots of Amharic Language. Non speakers cannot connect to this Amharic Language as it uses tri-consonantal roots in the verb morphology.

The person fluent with Amharic language can often decipher written text by observing the consonants with the vowel variant being supplemented. In each of these aspects of the grammar, independent pronouns, subject-verb agreement, object pronoun suffixes and possessive suffixes, the Amharic language distinguishes eight combinations of person, number and gender. The one who is completely aware of all these combinations can do Amharic translation without any inaccuracy.

About Our Team of Amharic Translators

Amharic translators who work for us come from many fields of enterprise. Only translators who have specialization in the areas of translation required by the customer are used. All of our Amharic translators are native speakers, and are well educated in the target language of translation. This results in the customer having a high quality Amharic translation when their order is complete.

All Translation Services is very serious about keeping to high industry standards and guaranteeing our customers that Amharic to English or English to Amharic translation are performed with exceptional accuracy. Amharic translators on our team have passed an stringent Amharic language exam before working for us.

All Translation Services Can Complete Your Amharic Translation Job

We strive to provide all our customers with fast and affordable Amharic translation. Our Amharic translators translate an average of five pages per day. Getting your job done reliably and on time is our first priority.

Your Amharic to English or English to Amharic translation will be done promptly and with care.


About Amharic Language

አማርኛ āmari˝˝ā



Country Where Spoken

Ethiopia, Eritrea, Israel, North America

Official Language of

Addis Ababa City Council, Amhara Region, Benishangul-Gumaz Region, Dire Dawa Administrative council, Ethiopia, ambela Region, SNNPR

Alternate Names

Abyssinian, Amarinya, Amarigna, Ethiopian


Central Asia, Middle East

Total Speakers


Language Family

Afro-Asiatic, Ethiopic, Semitic, South Semitic, South Ethiopic

Writing Style

Ge'ez alphabet abugidaz