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All Translation Services is a company dedicated to the finest quality Armenian to English and English to Armenian translation services for all types of Armenian translation needs. Our large staff of well trained Armenian translators means that Armenian translation is easy for us to accomplish.

Hundreds of Armenian businesses and individuals use our services to accomplish their Armenian translation projects.

We are certified by the prestigious International Organization for Standardization (IOS), so you can be assured of our level of quality and commitment.

We can provide Armenian translation of any type of document, including legal, technical, medical or others. We are able to provide accurate and fast Armenian to English and English to Armenian translation, and are eager to accept translation jobs of any size.

About Armenian Language

Armenian language is a part of the Indo- European language family and is designated as the national language of the Republic of Armenia and also of the Nagorno- Karabakh. Armenian language also shares similarity with many other Indo-European languages in its structure. However, the language has innate similarity with the distinctive sounds and features of its grammar with neighboring languages which belong to the Caucasus region.

About Our Armenian Translators

Our team of Armenian translators come from many backgrounds with a wide variety of experience. We only hire translators with expertise in the area of translation needed for your job. By only hiring native Armenian speakers for translation projects, you can be assured of receiving the best quality Armenian translation possible.

Our high standards guarantee our customers that their Armenian to English or English to Armenian translation needs will be done with accuracy and on time. All of our translators who work on Armenian translation have passed an Armenian language examination in order to work for All Translation Services.

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Our goal is always to provide you with accurate and cost efficient Armenian translation services. Our translators can produce up to five pages of Armenian translation in one day. We are committed to completing your Armenian translation project on time.

Our team will give you the finest quality, and fastest turnaround, in Armenian to English and English to Armenian translation services.


About Armenian Language

Հայերեն Hayeren

Country Where Spoken

Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, United States of America

Official Language of

Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh



Alternate Names

Haieren, Somkhuri, Ermenice, Ermeni Dili, Armjanski Yazyk

Total Speakers


Language Family

Armenian, Indo-European

Writing Style

Armenian Alphabet