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We provide high quality Bosnian to English and English to Bosnian translation for all types of translation. We guarantee our customers accurate and fast Bosnian to English and English to Bosnian translation, and can accept both small and large scale translation projects.

We can provide Bosnian translation of legal, medical, personal, business and all other types of documents. Our large staff of professional Bosnian translators assures our customers of accurate and fast Bosnian translation for any project. Hundreds of Bosnian companies and individuals have used our services to accomplish their Bosnian translation projects.

We are continually seeking ways to improve both the affordability and quality of our products for the customer’s benefit and are an ISO certified company.

About Bosnian Language

Bosnian is a south Slavic language which is spoken by almost 2,700,000 speakers. The Bosnian alphabet is based on the Latin alphabet and has Cyrillic alphabet. All the vowels of this language are monophthongs. There are two type of consonants in this language namely affricate and palatal. The voicedness of Bosnian language is phonemic and the aspiration is not. All these complications that are part of this language necessitate a fact that the translation needs to be done by the one who has profound knowledge of the language.

Our Team of Bosnian Translators

Our team of Bosnian translators come from a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise. All of our translators are experts in the area of translation requested by the customer.

We only hire native Bosnian speakers for our Bosnian translation projects. This will assure you of receiving the finest quality Bosnian translation to meet your needs.

We maintain exemplary standards at our company to assure our customers that their Bosnian to English or English to Bosnian translation will be done with utmost accuracy.

All of our Bosnian translators have passed an extensive Bosnian language exam before becoming a part the All Translation Services team.

We Will Meet Your Bosnian Translation Needs

We continually strive to provide our customers with fast, accurate and reasonably priced Bosnian translation services. Our Bosnian translators can translate an average of 2,500 to 3,000 words per day. It is our goal to meet your time schedule and particular needs for Bosnian translation.

We set the industry standards in providing the highest quality and most cost effective services in Bosnian to English and English to Bosnian translation.

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About Bosnian Language




Country Where Spoken

Yugoslavia, Albania, Australia, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey

Official Language of

Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Balkans

Alternate Names

Bosančica, Bosnian Cyrillic, Begovica

Total Speakers


Language Family

Bosnian, Indo-European, Slavic, South Slavic, Western South Slavic

Writing Style



Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian