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Are you doing business with Bulgaria and require a third party to translate contracts quickly? We provide timely and accurate Bulgarian to English and English to Bulgarian translation services. Hire our services before you sign that legal document.

Maybe you are looking for someone to concisely translate an instruction manual into Bulgarian, or perhaps have a television commercial script that needs last minute editing into Bulgarian. Whatever your translation needs are, we strive to make it perfect for you.

We are an ISO certified company and have hundreds of satisfied clients all over the world, some of them Fortune 500 blue chip companies.

Some of our regular clients are PricewaterhouseCoopers, Oshkosh, Hitachi, and Philips. All our translation are precise, and specific to your requirements whether they are for personal or business use.

We only hire native Bulgarian translators, and we have stringent selection policy to ensure a consistently high quality of service from the start. No more wasted time in revisions, we greatly value accuracy for quick turnaround projects.

Our translation service rates are competitive, possibly one of the most affordable rates you will find in the market today, because we want you to be satisfied with our provision and we want to continue doing business with you.

We assure you our Bulgarian translators are residing in Bulgaria and have a high degree of English literacy. They come from a wide range of business sectors and are familiar with technical jargon and local dialects. We do not hire Bulgarian translators outside of Bulgaria.

On average, our Bulgarian translators can complete a 2,500 to 3,000 word document per day. However we fully understand that sometimes you may require shorter lead times for urgent projects and we can accommodate that, after all we take great pride in our clients' satisfaction.

We will be looking forward to working on your English to Bulgarian or Bulgarian to English translation project.

About Bulgarian Language

Bulgarian is an Indo-European is an Indo-European language which is a member of the Slavic Linguistic group. Bulgarian language has about 12 million speakers. Most of the letters of the Bulgarian language stand for just one specific sound. Bulgarian language has six vowels and semivowel. With a total of 33 consonant phonemes, Bulgarian language has much diversity. All these aspects of this language bring to a need to of only a proficient person carrying out the translation works.


About Bulgarian Language

Български Bălgarski

Country Where Spoken

Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Moldova, Romania, Turkey (Europe), Ukraine, USA, Yugoslavia

Official Language of

Bulgaria, European Union


The Balkans

Alternate Names


Total Speakers


Language Family

Balto-Slavic, Bulgarian, Eastern South Slavic, Indo-European, Slavic, South Slavic


Palityan (Palitiani, Bogomil)