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About Cambodian Language

Cambodian language known by the name of Khmer language is spoken by about 15.7 million people to 21.6 million people. All the main dialects of this language are mutually comprehensible. The main dialects of this language are Battambang, Phnom Penh, Northern Khmer, Khmer Krom or Southern Khmer and Cardamom Khmer. Most of the dialects of Cambodian language are non tonal and only the colloquial Phnom Penh dialect has a minimal tonal contrast. Cambodian language is described as having aspirated stops

Who Works on Our Cambodian Translation Projects

Our company is very particular about who we hire for Cambodian translation projects. We seek out native speakers, and require all of our translators to undergo a difficult language examination in order to work for our company. Only translators who meet our strict requirements are utilized in our company.

Native speakers of Cambodian who are also fluent in English are able to understand the complexities of the Cambodian language and render it correctly into English.

We have many translators who have knowledge in a wide range of fields including business, legal, medical and technical. Our Cambodian translators are committed to providing our customers with the best quality translation for any size order, big or small.

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About Cambodian Language

Country Where Spoken

Australia, Cambodia, France, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, USA, Viet Nam, Yemen.

Official Language of



Near the major cities and along the Mekong.

Alternate Names

Cambodian Cham, Cham, New Cham, Tjam

Total Speakers



The language differs somewhat from Eastern Cham of central Viet Nam.