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All Translation Services offer professional English to Danish and Danish to English translation services for personal as well as business use. Every specialized Danish translator we employ has extensive professional training in their field. Every customer will receive top notch treatment and quality translation services.

We provide translation for hundreds of successful industries. The African Defense System, Ernst & Young and Hitachi or only a handful of the many industries that put their faith in us to provide quality translation that will ensure the success of their business.

We are an ISO certified organization that is delighted to serve our customers on a business level as well as a personal level. We are constantly seeking out new ways to better help our customers and offer only the best most efficient translation services.

We work hard to offer our services at a reasonable cost to the client. We want to know that our customers are benefiting from our translation and getting a fair deal at the same time.

We make sure our Danish and English translators have plenty of experience in the translation field. We do not deal in anything less than professional grade translation services. Our employees are tested rigorously and are required to meet very specific quality standards to ensure our clients get exactly what they pay for on time.

About Danish Language

Danish in one of the North Germanic languages and is also known by the name of Scandinavian language. Spoken by almost 6 million people, this language has a standard language form which is based on the dialects in and around the capital of Copenhagen.

We handle all kinds of Danish translation

We handle all kinds of translation needs and offer a wide variety of translation services. Medical, legal and technical documents are no problem. We will ensure that your documents are translated professionally. Both small and large scale Danish to English and English to Danish translation will be treated with equally high quality care by professional Danish and English translators.

We do not give bigger businesses priority over smaller clients. We appreciate every customer we deal with.


About Danish Language


Country Where Spoken

Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Official Language of

Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan


Central Asia, Middle East

Total Speakers


Language Family

Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Persian, Southwestern Iranian, Western Iranian