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With a large network of our professional Dari translators, English to Dari and Dari to English translation are among our most specialized service. Our Dari translation services can surely help you keep on track with your communication barriers and translation needs.

Whether your text is general, technical, certified, medical or legal, we are able to deal with almost any types of Dari translation requirement you may have.

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We translate Dari to English and English to Dari with our network of seasoned Dari translators. The professionals who perform English to Dari and Dari to English translation services are native speakers of the target language. This means that we will be able to translate your documents without margin for error. Because these speakers know both languages, there is no need to worry about speaking with the wrong dialect or having grammar errors.

Our network of professionals Dari translators are driven and highly trained with one goal in mind - to provide clients with precise and affordable Dari translation services. We are committed and confident that we can deliver the task at hand on time with no fuzz or hassles. We can provide you with all of the services that you may need for quality translation of documents.

Whichever language you need translating, whether it is pertinent to law, healthcare or business information, our team of professionals will take your project seriously and with utmost respect for the sensitivity of the data.

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We rendered by our company specialize in offering high-end English to Dari and Dari to English translation services for both consumers and business clientele. Our broad network of expert Dari translators depicts that translation from Dari to English and English to Dari are one of our fortes.

About Dari Language

Dari is the name of a Persian language which is spoken mainly in Afghanistan. The syntax of the language does not differ from the Iranian Persian language to a major extent. The stress accent in the Dari language is quite different and can have some similarity in terms of spelling and pronunciation to the Iranian Persian language. With so many similarities and a few dissimilarities, it would not be wrong to say that an in-country Dari translator would be having complete knowledge of the language in both spoken and written format.

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About Dari Language

Country Where Spoken

Yazd and Kerman, (Iran)


Yezd and Kerman areas.

Alternate Names

Dari, "Gabri", "Gabar", "Yazdi"

Total Speakers


Language Family

Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Western Iranian, Northwestern Iranian, Central Iran, Dari (Zoroastrian)

Writing Style



Related to Parsi-Dari and Nâyini.