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All Translation Services is a trusted company and committed in providing high quality language services. English to Dogri and Dogri to English translation services are one of our specialized areas.

We can translate your personal and business documents accurately and efficiently. We are an ISO certified company and have been providing translation services in over 300 languages.

Our extensive network of professional Dogri translators have been handling from small-scale to large-scale translation projects with ease.

Our customers belong to small and big- time companies including African Defence System, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Essar, Oshkosh, and Philips...etc.

You can trust us for whatever kind of services you may require – medical, legal, technical, financial or general translations. Over the years, we have been providing error-free transcription and translation jobs at a competitive price. This way, our customers benefit both ways and with that we made them happy.

About Dogri Language

Dogri being an Indo Aryan language is spoken by about two million people. Dogri language is a member of the western pahari group of languages and is written using the Takri script.

Dogri language has multiple dialects and this point makes it to be referred as a language that has its own navy and army. So many languages influencing the Dogri language lay stress on the need of an expert native translator carrying out the translation.

Our team of Dogri translators

Our team of Dogri translators includes professionals with excellent computer and writing skills. Many of whom know the language by heart, can speak and can translate every details in the document.

All Translation Services prefer native translator with extensive knowledge of the subject and wide experience in the relevant fields. In fact, our company employs native speakers and in-country professionals to do the jobs.

We also follow strict screening procedure for applicants before they can successfully join the elite team. We have a good teamwork such that we combine our efforts, expertise and employ unique strategies in order to ensure fast and accurate output.

We translate Dogri language with ease and on time!

At All Translation Services, we set our own standards. We have excellent workforce, methodology and technology to produce what you require in the earliest possible time. Translating Dogri to English and English to Dogri language has never been easy.

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About Dogri Language

डोगरी ڈوگرى ḍogrī

Country Where Spoken

India, Pakistan

Alternate Names

Dhogaryali, Dogari, Dogri Jammu, Dogri-Kangri, Dogri Pahari, Dongari, Hindi Dogri, Tokkaru


Jammu and Kashmir, between the Ravi and Chenab rivers; Chandigarh; West Bengal.

Total Speakers


Language Family

Dogri, Indo-Aryan, Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Northern Zone

Writing Style

Devanagari, Takri, Perso-Arabic script


Bhatbali, Dogri, East Dogri, Kandiali, North Dogri.