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All Translation Services is proud to offer superior quality Dutch to English and English to Dutch translation services. Our extensive team of skilled Dutch translator can provide translation for business or personal documents.

Our translators are fluent in both languages, and this means that our Dutch to English and English to Dutch translation services are some of the best in the industry.

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Our experienced team is familiar with the need for translation services in the business community. We specialize in providing the largest companies with access to accurate, cost effective and reliable translation.

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We not only provide business translation, but also work with clients for ensure their medical, technical, legal, financial and general documents are translated on a timely and economical basis.

Our team is happy to handle your largest or smallest project, and we can assure each of our clients that we will provide superior customers service and help them will all of their needs.

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About Dutch Language

Dutch is a West Germanic language which is spoken by more than 22 million people as their first language and about 5 million people as their second language. Dutch is a parent language of various Creole languages and also of Afrikaans.


About Dutch Language


Country Where Spoken

Aruba, Belgium, France, Indonesia, Netherlands Antilles, Netherlands, Suriname

Official Language of

Aruba, Belgium, European Union, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, South American Community of Nations, Suriname


Aruba, Belgium, France, Germany, Indonesia, Netherlands Antilles, Suriname

Alternate Names

Nederlands, Hollands

Total Speakers


Language Family

Dutch, Germanic, Indo-European, Low Franconian, West Germanic

Writing Style

Latin alphabet (Dutch variant)


Northern North Hollandish (Westfries)