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About Estonian Language

Estonian being the official language of Estonia is spoken by 1.1 million people. The dialects of this language are divided into two groups’ namely northern and southern dialects. The Estonian orthography is essentially phonemic with each phoneme of the language represented by exactly one grapheme.


About Estonian Language

eesti keel

Country Where Spoken

Australia, Canada, Finland, Latvia, Russia (Europe), Sweden, United Kingdom, USA

Official Language of

Estonia, European Union


Australia, Canada, Finland, Latvia, Russia (Europe), Sweden, United Kingdom, USA

Alternate Names

Eesti, Viro

Total Speakers


Language Family

Baltic-Finnic, Estonian, Finno-Lappic, Finno-Ugric, Uralic

Writing Style

Estonian alphabet


Mulgi, Seto (Setu), Tallinn (Reval), Tartu (Dorpat), V˘ru (Werro)