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Our company specializes in providing English to European Portuguese and European Portuguese to English translation in order to make a business’s operations run smoothly. Since we have professionals that are fluent in both languages this ensures that each translation, whether from English to European Portuguese or European Portuguese to English, is complete and accurate.

There are many companies that trust us with their translation services, including Hitachi, Oshkosh, Philips, Ernst and Young, African Defense System and so forth.

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We are an ISO certified company and honor our customer service that always strives to improve quality and reduce the cost of services to customers.

About European Portuguese Language

European Portuguese is the language used in continental Portugal, the Madeira Islands and the Azores Islands. Other countries that also have people speaking the language include Luxembourg, Germany, France and Andorra. There are varieties of European Portuguese although the language greatly differentiates itself from Brazilian Portuguese which is the main language used in Brazil. There are variations in the language depending on whether it is used in mainland Portugal or the Portuguese Islands. The difference between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese is huge with many changes in the spelling, terminology and verb tenses. Many people in Portugal find it unacceptable to speak Brazilian Portuguese in their country and vice-versa. The pronunciation and sounds also differ between the two languages. Using Brazilian Portuguese terms while speaking or writing in European Portuguese can change the meaning entirely.

When searching for the ideal European Portuguese translation, it’s best to find the right professional who actually speaks the native language. This can make a huge difference so that people can focus on the correct terms and sounds. Errors can be avoided greatly by investing in an expert who knows the difference between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. It is important to emphasize on the features and aspects of the two languages because these are completely different regardless of whether the person is speaking or writing.

The European Portuguese Translation Team

The team members that translate from English to European Portuguese or from European Portuguese to English are all those that are native in European Portuguese. It is our belief that the best translators are those that know the language fluently and have this as their native tongue in order to deliver best results for our customers.

All of our European Portuguese translators had to pass difficult examinations in order to get to this level and this ensures that the translation will be of the highest quality. Our customers can trust that their product will be perfect.

Along with providing the best translation services, we dedicate ourselves to doing this in a timely manner. Most of our European Portuguese translators can handle approximately 3000 words per day.

However, we always look at the project at hand and the estimated time frame that the customer gives in order to get this completed for them on time, each time.

No matter what type of translation project that you have, whether it be legal, medical or general business, we are eager to take on any project from English to European Portuguese or European Portuguese to English translation, despite size and do this with ease.


About European Portuguese Language

Português brasileiro


[poɾtu'ges] [bɾazi'le(ɪ)ɾʊ]

Country Where Spoken

Brazil, United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, Canada, Japan, and Paraguay

Official Language of

Brazil (Brazil uses its own official orthography)

Total Speakers


Language Family

Indo-European, Italic, Romance, Italo-Western, Western, Gallo-Iberian, Ibero-Romance, West-Iberian, Portuguese-Galician, Portuguese

Writing Style

Latin alphabet (Portuguese variant)