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When you are looking for Fijian to English or English to Fijian translation, you can do no better than All Translation Services. Our company is a top of the line service, providing translation in 130 languages, including Fijian translation.

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About Fijian Language

Fijian is an Austronesian language of the Malayo- Polynesian family mainly spoken in Fiji. Fijian is the first language of 450,000 speakers and second language of 200,000 speakers. The normal Fijian word order is VOS (Verb Object Subject). The syllables of this language can consist of a consonant followed by a vowel or a single vowel. This language has quite a complex mixture of vowels, syllables and the writing pattern is based on a Latin alphabet. All these things give a clear picture than only a Fijian translator can do the translation as the language has a lot of diversities.

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No matter what size project you have, All Translation Services is ready to help when you have a need for translation at hand. We are available 24 hours a day on the World Wide Web to assist you in getting started on your translation project.

Any size job is welcome, from a few words to a one hundred page technical manual, or an entire website and its content.

Our Staff of Fijian Translators

All Translation Services does not hire just anyone. We only use native speakers for our Fijian translation projects. The person who is assigned to your Fijian to English or English to Fijian translation project will always be a specialist in the area of translation you require, with a minimum of four years experience.

All of our translators must pass a language examination to ensure their fluency in both the source and target languages that they will be working on.

Other staff will double check the translation, so that you can be assured that your Fijian translation is completely accurate. Our company holds to the highest standards in the Fijian translation industry.

Our pleasure it to serve your needs with accuracy and timeliness whenever you have a Fijian to English or English to Fijian translation project that needs to be completed.


About Fijian Language

Na vosa vaka-Viti

Country Where Spoken


Official Language of



Fiji Islands, western half of Viti Levu, Waya Islands

Alternate Names

Fiji, Nadroga, Nadronga

Total Speakers


Language Family

Austronesian, Central Pacific, Central-Eastern MP, Central-Eastern Oceanic, East Fijian, East Fijian-Polynesian, Eastern MP, Fijian, Malayo-Polynesian (MP), Oceanic, Remote Oceanic


Nuclear Western Fijian (Nadrogaa, Tubaniwai, Baaravi), Waya (Nakoroboya, Noikoro, Magodro).