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About Finnish Language

Finnish language is spoken by majority of people residing in Finland. This language is also one of the official languages in Sweden. Finnish language is the eponymous member of the Finno-Ugric language family and is typologically between the fusional and agglutinative languages. The dialects of the language are divided into two main groups, western dialect and the eastern dialect. For most of the part of this language, both these dialects operate on same vocabulary, phonology and grammar. There are two main varieties of Finnish language, one is the standard language and the second one is the spoken language. When the time arrives of differentiating between the various varieties of this language, only an experienced translator has the caliber to do so.

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About Finnish Language




Country Where Spoken

Canada, Estonia (Ingrians), Finland, Northwestern Russia (Karelia), Norway (Finnmark), Sweden (Torne Valley), USA

Official Language of

Finland, European, Sweden


Northern Europe

Alternate Names

Suomi, Suomea

Total Speakers


Language Family

Baltic-Finnic, Finnish, Finno-Lappic, Finno-Permic, Finno-Ugric, Finno-Volgaic, Uralic

Writing Style

Latin alphabet (Finnish variant)


Central And North Pohjanmaa, Hc Me (Tavast), Perc Pohja, Savo (Savolax), South Pohjanmaa, Southeastern Finnish (Finnish Karjala, Finnish Karelian), Southwestern Finnish