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All Translation Services offers their clients world class translation from Flemish to English and English to Flemish. Our translation service is available for personal and business use.

We have an extensive team of Flemish translators that can handle any job within the necessary time constraints. Our quality services are accomplished in a record time, and we work hard to ensure all of our clients are satisfied with the services our translators provide.

Doing business on a global scale requires access to quick and accurate Flemish to English and English to Flemish translation. A number of leading multi-national corporations already trust our knowledgeable team of translators.

Our services are currently used by Oshkosh, Ernst & Young, Hitachi and PricewaterhouseCoopers. These firms trust our translation and routinely use our services for their success.

About Flemish Language

Flemish is a popular informal term used to refer to the Belgian Dutch language spoken by the Dutch people. Flemish language is spoken by over six million people. Flemish language has two special dialects namely East and West Flemish. Flemish language uses Latin Script and has many variations in accordance to the areas where it is spoken. This language although has no much complexities, but still there are certain features which can be understood by native Flemish translators only.

We strive for constant improvement

Our team of translators is ready to provide business or personal translation services. We are committed to all of our clients and constantly work on innovative approaches to ensure the highest quality and the best price.

We consistently search for and find new methods to make our translators more efficient and ensure that our clients are satisfied with the job that we do for them.

We handle all types of translation

Any kind of translation from Flemish to English or English to Flemish can be handled by our team of skilled professionals. We routinely handle business, legal, technical and other documents. The lead time depends on the individual size of the document and demand at the time. However, we strive to ensure that our clients have their timelines met.

Our customer service team is ready to provide assistance with any matter and ensure that clients are satisfied with the quality and timeliness of the Flemish translation services that we provide.


About Flemish Language

Country Where Spoken

Belgium, France, Netherlands

Official Language of



West Flanders

Alternate Names

Flamand, Vlaemsch

Total Speakers


Language Family

Dutch, Belgian Dutch


West Vlaams (Vlaemsch)