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All translation services focus on providing high quality English to French Canadian and vice versa translation services for both personal and business use. Due to high quality service and translators, we have built trust with many companies.

Our network of professional French Canadian translators means that translation from English to French Canadian and vice versa are one of our many, specialized services.

French is widely spoken worldwide. However, Canada has a different vocabulary set, which dates back to Napoleonic France, from international French. In Quebec, native speakers will know both English and French Canadian due to Canada having two official languages. Hence, high quality service can be delivered to customers.

As a company meeting international standards, we are always diligent to serve our customers efficiently by researching new methods to improve our quality and decrease our prices, so our clients experience positive results.

We are happy to complete various types of translation with our highly qualified team. Projects can involve various specialties, such as politics, medicine, law, and education.

Affordability is a huge asset to clients for translation services.

About French Canadian Language

French Canadian language refers to the Canadian French language which is spoken by Francophone Canadians. French Canadian language has about 6 million native speakers and there are about 1 million people who speak this language as a second language. Several varieties of French Canadian language are Quebec French, Acadian French, Metis French and Newfoundland French. This language is a mixture of two cultures and thus has many characteristics of both the cultures. For a translator to translate French Canadian language, it is quite necessary for him to be aware of the minor to major features of the language.

Our Team of French Canadian Translators

French Canadian translators have the expertise in various subjects to fulfil a range of translation projects. Our company ensures that a translator fluent knows both the source and target language.

Rigorous qualifications are in place to ensure professionalism in translators. Additionally, translators are screened carefully to ensure a high quality team.

We Translate French Canadian with Ease and meet Deadlines

To meet client demand, our translators can translate an average of 3,000 words per day between English and French Canadian. We time our services to client needs. We do not rely on other existing rules.

As projects are completed, new guidelines are set to provide high quality English to French Canadian and French Canadian to English translation services to clients.


About French Canadian Language

Country Where Spoken


Official Language of



Turtle Mountain Reservation, North Dakota

Alternate Names

French Cree, Mitchif, Quebec French, Acadian French, and Newfoundland French

Total Speakers



Closest to Plains Cree. Several varieties in Canada.