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About Hmong Language

Hmong is the name of a group of dialects of the West Hmongic branch of Hmong-Mien/Mian-Yao language family. The total estimated speakers of the Hmong language are more than 4 million that includes more than 200, 000 Hmong Americans. Some dialects of this language are commonly understandable and many others are as distinctive to be considered as separate languages. Looking at such a composition of the Hmong language that the individual dialects can be considered as separate languages, it can be stated that it is only an experienced native translator’s job to do this translation without making any flaws.


About Hmong Language


Country Where Spoken

China, Laos, Thailand, USA, Vietnam


Changshun, Gaopa, Guiding, Guiyang City Region, Huishui, Pingba counties, Ziyun

Alternate Names

Central Huishui Miao, Miao

Total Speakers


Language Family

Hmong-Mien, Hmong

Writing Style

Romanized Popular Alphabet (RPA)


Inherently unintelligible to speakers of other Hmong varieties. 30 to 40 different Hmong (Miao) languages in China. Linguistic differences are great (Joakim Enwall 1993).