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About Icelandic Language

Icelandic language is a North Germanic language which is spoken by more than 320,000 speakers all over the world. Unlike many languages, Icelandic language has very minor dialectal differences in sounds. The language has monophtongs, dipthongs and consonants that can be voiced or unvoiced. Icelandic language retains many grammatical features of the ancient Germanic languages. The basic word order in the Icelandic language is subject-word order; however the words are heavily inflected. Although Icelandic has English language as its ancestor, but there are quite a lot of things that are now not present in the English language and are still a part of the Icelandic language. For anyone, who has the experience and the skill required to do Icelandic translation the job could be easy otherwise it would have a lot of flaws.

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About Icelandic Language




Country Where Spoken

Canada, Denmark, Iceland, USA

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Language Family

Germanic, Icelandic, Indo-European, North Germanic, West Scandinavian

Writing Style

Icelandic alphabet and Icelandic orthography