Interpretation Services

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Interpretation service by professional interpreter

Our Interpretation service is carried out by seasoned and professionally trained interpreter. You don't need to worry about the clarity of the language. Interpretation is crisp and clear, with no stammering or breaks in the flow.

You can choose our interpretation services which are offered to and from over 130 local, regional, national and international dialects viz, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and many more.

What types of Interpretations we do?

Consecutive Interpretation

We give the facility of providing quality "consecutive interpretation". Under this, when the speaker takes the pause, our interpreter takes the privilege and does the translation of the sentences voiced by the speaker.

Our experienced and patient native interpreters make a perfect fit for your one-on-one business meetings, question and answer periods at conferences, informal consortiums viz, interviews, meetings, court proceedings, medical assessments, and any other activity, where sound interpretation is needed.

Simultaneous Interpretation

With All Translation Services, every stage of interpretation holds some or the other relevance. It requires great knowledge and synchronization before such a task is put to action. It is worthwhile to present our capabilities in simultaneous translation, in which our interpreters translate the utterances as it is spoken by the speaker. For this purpose, a special gadgetry and sound proof room is used so that interpreter receives crisp and clear signals from the receiver and which is then translated to the small faction of event participants.

Our services have been given a due respect at many national and international conferences, presentations, seminars, negotiation sessions, etc. And we are simply proud of our interpreters for their domineering tasks. Yes, we don't make any compromises on quality and time. And that is why we are ranked the best amongst our clients.

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