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All Translation Services offers their clients superior quality Irish to English and English to Irish translation services. We have an extensive network of skilled translators who can handle any type of job.

We put personal attention into the smallest jobs that we do. Because we have a team of professional Irish translators, we are better able to handle larger jobs in minimal time by putting more than one person on the job.

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About Irish Language

Irish is a Goidelic language of the Indo-European language family which is historically spoken by the Irish people. Irish language has 355,000 native speakers and 538,283 everyday speakers. There are number of dialects of Irish language such as Munster, Connacht, Ulster and Leinster. Word order of the Irish language is VSO (Verb-Subject-Order). One important aspect of the Irish language syntax which is quite unfamiliar to the speakers of other languages is the use of copula. With such little diversities playing such a big role in the Irish language it would obviously not be possible for an inexperienced translator to perform the job satisfactorily.

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Businesses can rely on timely and accurate Irish to English and English to Irish translations when they trust our team. We provide financial document translations for the leading businesses around the globe.

We are proud of the contacts we have in the business industry and work hard to ensure our clients are totally satisfied with the services and timeliness of the projects that we handle.

We are currently providing translation services for PricewaterhouseCoopers, Phillips, Hitachi and Ernst & Young. Our translators can handle any sized business project and take pride in their accuracy.

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We rely on our customers to help us improve our operations. We are open to feedback, and this is one of the reasons why our services are so economical. We like to view our association with clients as a team effort, and our success is as important as theirs.

Our team of skilled translators is more than able to handle any type of Irish to English or English to Irish translations. We routinely work with financial, academic, legal, technical, medical and general documents.

The size of the project is not an issue. We take the time to ensure that small projects are finished in a timely fashion and specialize in large translation jobs.


About Irish Language




Country Where Spoken

Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, USA

Official Language of

Ireland, European Union


Western isles northwest and southwest coasts; Galway, part of Mayo, Kerry, Donegal, Meath, Cork, Waterford, Scotland (Albain), Isle of Mann

Alternate Names

Irish, Erse, Gaeilge

Total Speakers


Language Family

Indo-European, Celtic, Insular Celtic, Goidelic, Irish

Writing Style

Latin (Irish variant)


Munster-Leinster (Southern Irish), Connacht (Western Irish), Donegal (Ulster, Northern Irish).