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When it comes to Kannada to English or English to Kannada translation, you want a specialist who understands both the language and the subject area of your translation project. All Translation Service is a company equipped to meet your Kannada translation needs for projects as small as a birth certificate to ones as large as a doctoral thesis.

We have a large and well-educated staff of translators on hand all over the world, linked to our company via the World Wide Web. These specialists can provide you with top notch service for any kind of Kannada translation. You can consult with one of our project manager any time via live chat to talk about what you need.

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Our company works to exceed the highest standards in the language translation industry. We are an ISO certified company who will always make your job a high priority, whether it is big or small.

You will get the final product you need and want in a timely way and at a reasonable price with us, whenever you are looking for Kannada to English or English to Kannada translation.

We Only Hire the Best For Kannada Translation

When having documents translated, it is very important that the translator be well-educated in both the target and source languages as well as the subject area.

If you need property ownership documents translated, we will find a translator who understands these kinds of documents, so that you can be confident of an accurate Kannada to English or English to Kannada translation.

Our commitment is always to our customer’s needs, and providing them with the best product at the most reasonable price.

We strive to meet your needs in a timely way no matter what time zone you live in. Our translators will work with you on your schedule, whatever part of the world you live in.


About Kannada Language

ಕನ್ನಡ kannaḍa

Country Where Spoken

Karnataka, India

Official Language of

Karnataka, India


Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra

Alternate Names

Banglori, Canarese, Kanarese, Madrassi

Total Speakers


Language Family

Dravidian, Southern Dravidian, Tamil-Kannada

Writing Style

Kannada script


Aine Kuruba, Bijapur, Jeinu Kuruba