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We provide accurate translations from English to Kashmiri, and from Kashmiri to English language. These translations can be for personal or business work, and they can be anything from a few lines to entire pages of work.

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About Kashmiri Language

Kashmiri language belongs to the Dardic sub-group of the Indo-Aryan group of languages. The language is spoken in Jammu & Kashmir. There are around 5,554,496 speakers of the language in India. Kashmiri language forms the part of 22-scheduled languages of India. Further, the language is also included in the 6th schedule of Indian constitution along with Hindi and Urdu.

Kashmiri language is written in three orthographical systems, namely, Perso-Arabic script, the Devanagari script, and the Sharada script. It is known that Kashmiri script was traditionally written in Sharada script. The script is however not in use today, except for religious occasions. There are four cases in Kashmiri language, which includes, nominative, genitive, and two oblique cases: the ergative and the dative case. Like the German and Old English, Kashmiri language has V2 word order. The language makes comprehensive use of Persian and Urdu words. Kashmiri Muslims use Perso-Arabic script when they speak kashmiri.

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We have a great team of translators who can translate from Kashmiri to English and English to Kashmiri language with great ease. These are individuals who are experts at language and other fields. So, if you have a legal document, we will have a translator present who has a legal background. This will enable them to translate perfectly.

We have a very thorough selection process when it comes to hiring translators. We do not accept people who have just learned a new language, as we cannot tolerate mistakes or confusion. We always look for native speakers so that we know there will be no issues in the translation.

There is no issue of time for us. We can get up to 3000 words a day done for you, so depending on the length of your translation you should have the finished product in a matter of days (or less).

We will be more than happy to work on your English to Kashmiri translation of Kashmiri to English translation projects.

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About Kashmiri Language

कॉशुर کٲشُر kạ̄šur

Country Where Spoken

Kashmir, Jammu, India, Pakistan

Official Language of

Jammu and Kashmir


Jammu and Kashmir

Total Speakers


Language Family

Dardic, Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Kashmiri, Kashmiri languages

Writing Style

Perso-Arabic script, Devanagari script