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Every Kazakh to English or English to Kazakh translation project is unique. When you are looking for someone to conduct Kazakh translation of your documents, email, website or other material, you want a translator who is both fluent in the Kazakh language, and well-trained in the subject area of translation needed.

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About Kazakh Language

Kazakh or Qazaq is a Turkic language, primarily spoken in the Kazakhstan, Russia and China by approximately 8 million people. Kazakh language was written in the Latin script, but it was soon replaced by the Cyrillic alphabet in the year 1940. The language was first written in Arabic script in 19th century.

Kazakh belongs to the Kipchak (Northwestern) group of the Turkic language family. The language is distinct from the other Turkic languages as it uses/s/ in place of reconstructed proto-Turkic */ʃ/ and /ʃ/ in place of */tʃ/. In addition, the language has /dʒ/ (alveodental affricate) as against /j/ (glide) in Turkic languages.

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As a leader in the translation industry, All Translation Services uses only well-seasoned translators who are native speakers for Kazakh translation.

Whether you are looking for Kazakh to English or English to Kazakh translation, you will be assigned a translator who has the language skills in both languages to perform what is needed.

We will also find a translator for you who is well-versed in the subject area of your Kazakh translation documents or material. All of our projects are also double checked by proofreaders so that you can be assured of receiving foolproof results.

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Our specialists are always available on the World Wide Web, and via live chat, to discuss the specific details of your translation project. Contact us today, and your job will become our highest priority.

We gladly take on projects of any size, from translation of a business card to a complex business contract. When you need Kazakh to English or English to Kazakh translation, All Translation Services is here to assist you at a moments notice.


About Kazakh Language

Qazaq tili, Қазақ тілі, قازاق تىلى‎


[qɑzɑq tˈlə]

Country Where Spoken

Afghanistan, China, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

Official Language of



Central Asia

Alternate Names

Kazak, Kaisak, Kosach, Qazaq

Total Speakers


Language Family

Altaic, Kazakh, Kypchak, Kypchak-Nogay, Turkic

Writing Style

Kazakh alphabet


Northeastern Kazakh, Southern Kazakh, Western Kazakh