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About kikuyu Language

Kikuyu is a language in the Central Bantu branch of the Niger- Congo family spoken primarily by the kikuyu people of Kenya. Kikuyu language has four main mutually intelligible dialects which are Kirinyaga, Muranga, Nyeri and Kiambu. Kikuyu language has two level tones, high and low, a low-rising tone and a downstep. Kikuyu language is written with a modified Latin alphabet. This language has a lot of features similar to other languages spoken in its surrounding regions and this is the reason that many translators who are not completely aware of this language try out their hands in the Kikuyu language translation and unfortunately land up disappointed as Kikuyu language is not as tough as it seems.

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About Kikuyu Language

Kikuyu, Gĩkũyũ

Country Where Spoken



Central Province

Alternate Names

Akiek, Akie, Ogiek, "Ndorobo", Kinare

Total Speakers


Language Family

Atlantic-Congo, Bantoid, Benue-Congo, Gikuyu, Narrow Bantu, Niger-Congo, Southern, Volta-Congo, Zone E

Writing Style

Latin alphabet


Okiek, Suiei, Sogoo (Sokoo)