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Many companies on the internet provide Konkani to English or English to Konkani translation, but they are not all the same. All Translation Services is a different kind of company, which can bring you the highest caliber Konkani translation to meet your business or personal budget and other requirements.

Our capable experts are able to handle most any translation project, whether it is for legal, financial, manufacturing or gaming sectors.

We can also address your needs for personal documents such as resumes, birth, marriage or death certificates, or virtually any other document that needs translating. Timely return of your project is always on our agenda.

About Konkani Language

Konkani is an Indo-Aryan language which belongs to the Indo-European family of languages. Total speakers of Konkani language are 2.5 million all over the world. The Konkani language has 16 basic vowels, 36 consonants, 5 semi-vowels, 3 sibilants, 1 aspirate and lots of diphthongs. Konkani language is rich in morphology and syntax. One important feature of this language which requires the need of a proficient and native translator performing the translation is that this language cannot be described as a stress language or as a tone language. Konkani language is written in Devanagri script and sometimes Kannada script is also used to write Konkani language.

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Our Konkani Translators Are Here to Serve You

We use a carefully screened group of translators for our customers who desire Konkani translation. Native speakers are the only people who have the innate skills to accomplish proper Konkani to English or English to Konkani translation and are the only translators we hire.

In addition, we match our translator’s skill set to your specific project. We are also attentive to cultural considerations in our translation work, and seek translators who can interpret the delicate transposition of ideas from one culture to another when doing a Konkani translation.

Rendition of ideas from one culture to another can be complex and challenging proposition. That is why we are so careful about who we choose to work on Konkani translation for our company.

Konkani Translation is Well Within Our Capacity

Whatever application you are seeking a translation for, we are prepared to meet the challenge. Our constant goal is to be accurate, timely and within our customer’s budget.

You will always receive a valuable return on your investment when allowing us to serve you with your Konkani to English or English to Konkani translation needs.

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Country Where Spoken




Total Speakers


Language Family

Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Southern Indo-Aryan, Konkani

Writing Style

Devanāgarī (official), Latin alphabet, Kannada abugida, Malayalam and Arabic


Bardeskari (Gomantaki), Chitapavani (Konkanasths), Daldi (Nawaits), Kudali (Malvani), Mangalore, Sarasvat Brahmin, Standard Konkani (Goanese)