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About Kurdish Language

At present the term Kurdish language is used to define several languages spoken by the Kurds. Kurdish languages basically belong to the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family. Some of the most closely related Kurdish languages are Balochi, Gileki and Talysh. There are also some traditional dialects between the Southern Kurdish and the Lohi and Bakhtiari dialects. Two standardized dialects of Kurdish are northern and central. As Kurdish language is an Indo-European language, it has many words that are cognates in Kurdish and other Indo-European languages. Only an in-country and experienced Kurdish translator will be able to do the translation keeping all these aspects in mind.

English to Kurdish Translation by Experts

Professional translators whose native language is Kurdish are the only ones who can provide good translation. Kurdish translators who both write and speak fluent English will perform your Kurdish to English or English to Kurdish translation, assuring you of the best translation results possible.

We will also always match your project to a translator who has advanced knowledge and experience in the area of translation you require. We require our translators to have at least four years of working experience in the subject area.

Each area of business or personal documentation has its own requirements that can only be addressed by an expert qualified in that field.

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You will always have a Kurdish translation expert who is native speaker when you use our services. Your translator will be a specialist in the field, whether you are seeking translation for business documents, gaming localization, personal materials or some other purpose.

We are serious about providing the most trustworthy translation products in the industry when it comes to Kurdish to English or English to Kurdish translation.

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About Kurdish Language

كوردی, Kurdţ, К'ӧрди

Country Where Spoken

Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey

Official Language of

Iraq, Kurdish Autonomous Region


Middle East

Alternate Names

Kurdi, Sorani

Total Speakers


Language Family

Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Kurdish, Northwestern Iranian, Western Iranian

Writing Style

Kurdish alphabet (modified Arabic alphabet in Iraq and Iran, modified Latin alphabet in Turkey and Syria, modified Cyrillic in the former USSR)


Auramani, Bingird, Garmiyani, Gorani, Hewleri (Arbili), Kerkuki, Kurmanji, Mukri, Pahlavani, Pizhdar, Rewandiz, Sorani, Suleimani (Silemani), Warmawa, Xoshnaw