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The Easternmost Indo-Aryan language is the Assamese. The language is widely used in the states of Assam which is location in the North East India. The language is also the official language of Assam. Other states that use Assamese include Arunachal Pradesh and other states in the Northeast states of India. The language is spoken by over 13 million people.

Most of the phonetic characters of the Assamese language are derived from Sanskrit. The language is written using the Assamese script which runs from left to right and top to bottom’ similar to the English language. Ligatures are possible due to the ability of most of the consonants to combine with each other.

The best translation can only be got from a native Assamese speaker. It is hard to comprehensively understand the Assamese scripts especially when accustomed to other languages. For the best results, go for the natives. They have a good understanding of the language.

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