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The Haryanvi or rather the Haryanvi language is a Hindi dialect used by the people on the northernmost part of India in the states of Haryana and Delhi. Haryanvi is understood to be a dialect of the Hindi language rather than a language on its own. Haryanvi is considered to be similar with Bagri and Braj Bhasha languages. Now Haryanvi has a number of dialects with lots of variations. Some of the Haryanvi dialects include the Khaddar, Ahirs and the Jatu dialects. A few of these dialects speak a language that is similar to Khariboli while others have no similarities.

There is no literature that has been written in the Haryanvi language. This is because the Haryanvi figures and grammar is written in standard Hindi. Therefore, a person with the basic Hindi or standard Hindi can be used for translation. Even so, it will be better to find a native Haryanvi speaker to make specific and precise translation.

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