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Konkani belongs to the Indio-European family of languages that are commonly spoken in India's Konkan coast. Being written in Roman, Kannada and Malayalam scripts, this language is an Indio-Aryan language with approximately 3.6million speakers. The correct origin of the language is however not clear since some linguistics classify it as being from Southern Indio-Aryan while others say it is from Western Indio-Aryan. Apart from being one of the official Indian languages, Konkani is also the main language spoken by the locals in Goa state. In addition, Konkani was the first printed grammar among the many Indian languages and is used in literature and dance.

Translating the Konkani language into English has been a major challenge to translators as apart from the Indian natives who use the language, nobody else can translate it into a different language. However, Christian missionaries in the early Portuguese colonization era managed to translate their literature into the Konkani language for ease in evangelizing to the locals.

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Professional English to Konkani Translators

There are numerous English to Konkani translators that can offer you translation services that you can avail of. However, not all of these English to Konkani translators are actually capable of giving you accurate and correct translation, which is why you need to be careful when picking which type of English to Konkani translator to use for your particular English to Konkani translation needs.

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