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Punjabi is one of the Indo-Aryan languages spoken by people who live in the Punjab area of Pakistan and India. It is an official language for sikhs and it widely spoken in Pakistan. There are several dialects of this language and each one is spoken in a particular part of Pakistan. The major dialects of the language include Majhi, Pothowari, Jhangochi, Shapuri, Hindko, Malwi, Doabi, Pwadhi, Dogri, Saraki and Dhani. This language has three tones and they are categorized into high, low and mid. There are various scripts that are used when writing this language and they vary depending on the area and dialect that is spoken.

Using a native of the region is the only way to accurately translate the Punjabi language. This is because of the various dialects that are used in each of the areas where the language is spoken. It is difficult to get the right translation for documents unless you are using a person who is well trained and aware of the various dialects.

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Because there are so many companies that promise the same thing of providing top quality English to Punjabi translator and Punjabi to English translator, you have to be vigilant in researching the best source. We at All Translation Services have been in the business for years and we are proud to offer you the very best when it comes to quality. All your translation needs can be provided for with consistency and maximum dedication. We are an ISO certified group based in New Delhi, India and offer experts situated in different parts of the globe. We will choose the right Punjabi translators that will understand your needs and know how to translate and speak it as their native language.

You can rely on our excellent services to bring you more business and customers in the future. We are ready to offer translators and project managers for virtually any type of application and translation works. We are very proud to have handled numerous satisfied customers in the past. Our client loyalty is unwavering because we provide consistent and solid results every time. We are very familiar with the kind of job you’re planning and can finish everything on time.

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We will handle a wide range of translation services depending on the goals and objectives of the individual or company. We can manage interpretation, translation, transcription, voice-over, typing and internet services. We will handle projects in every field and are ready to translate legal, technical and medical documents. Our expert English to Punjabi translators have a lot of experience and training in the different types of solutions and methods. You can only expect the very best from them every time.

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Our company follows a pro customer approach and follows a certain set of standards to ensure that all translation are done with accuracy and efficiency. We are able to meet deadlines because we put our client first in every project. We have a customized system and approach that will handle over 130 different languages. We have formed teams of Punjabi to English translators who will handle the procedure from the very beginning until everything is submitted back to the client. We also have a team that will be responsible for verifying the finished works and check grammatical and spelling errors.

All our English to Punjabi translator and Punjabi to English translator are very skilled bilingual experts so you will only get top-rated results for both minor and major projects.

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