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The Sanskrit language is one of the historic forms of Indo-Aryan languages and it is one of the 22 languages that are spoken in India. It is an official langauge in India's state of Uttarakhand. There are two main forms of this language. Classic Sanskrital, Sanskrit and Vedic Sanskrit. In the classical form of the language, there are 36 phonemes and various consonants and vowels. The verbs in this language are divided into ten classes and two other broad groups that include thematic and athematic. This highly inflected langiage is influenced by three main grammatical genders including neuter, masculine and feminine.

The Sanskrit language is not easy to understand and translate especially for non-native speakers. The translation have to take into consideration the various forms of the language and how they different grammatical components are used. The use of an experienced native Sanskrit speaker is the only way to get an accurate translation.

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