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Sinhala, also called Helabasa is spoken among the Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. In total, it has over 15 million speakers in the region. Sinhala originates from Indo-European and the Indo-Aryan languages. In Sri Lanka, it is used as thee country’s official language.

This makes almost one of the oldest languages in the world. Its first scripts were discovered on pottery traced back to the 68th Century and with literacy materials of the 9th century. The closest language that can be connected with Sinhala is Dhivehi. The language has also had an influence to other languages like Macanese which is spoken in Macau. This is believed to have occurred during intermarriages between the two societies.

Sinhala despite being a widely spoken language in Sri Lanka, translating it takes time. One also has to work with a professionals and someone who has known the language for years. Still, this can take quite a long time.

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