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Tajik is a modern variety language that is spoken by Persians of central Asia; this language was introduced to this area in the 20th century courtesy of the soviets. Tajik is spoken by a good number of Persians in this region.

Tajik word order is Subject-Object-Verb, this makes it almost similar to classical Persian grammar though there are some exceptions with the nouns which are not based on grammatical gender but marked for number, and this is because gender is distinguished by change of word.

This language is formed of nouns, tenses, interrogatives, pronouns and other relevant things. Getting a native Tajik translator is quite challenging for he should be able to carry out this service with uttermost dedication basing on the majorities and minorities who use this language. This is because there is only one Tajik language but in specific countries there are various sections of people who use different language as well as phrases.

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