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Telugu is a Dravidian language and the third largest native language in India; this is approximated as 74 million speakers. Telugu is also among the top 20 common languages all over the world rated at position 15 in Ethnologue.

Telugu is also the official language of the largest states in India; Andhra Pradesh as well as Yanam in Puducherry. The grammatical order of Telugu is Subject-Verb-Object. This language also incorporates many morphological processes which are used to join words together and in the end form complex words. The vocabulary of Telugu has a bit of Sanskrit words as well as Persian and Arabic words thus when looking for translator, you need to ensure that he is a native resident who fully understands this language, this is relevant in that the message of the document should not be altered and that he/she has to cater for the minority as well as the majority speakers of this language.

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