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Reliability in Latvian to English or English to Latvian translation consists of several important features. You want a Latvian translation that is accurate. You also want a fast turn around and return of your project.

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About Latvian Language

Latvian is the official state language of the Latvia. The number of speakers of the Latvian language across the world is estimated to be around 1.6 million. Latvian language is one of the two existing Baltic languages and falls in the group of the Indo-European language family. There are three different dialects of this Latvian language namely Livonian dialect, Latgalian and the Middle dialect. Latvian is an inflecting language which has several analytical forms. The basic word order of this language is Subject Verb Object. In Latvian language, the long syllables containing the long vowel, mixed diphthong or a diphthong can take three different tones namely level tone, falling tone and broken tone.

Latvian Translation by Experts

One way we achieve these goals, is by only employing Latvian translators who speak Latvian as their native language. Only a native speaker will be able to correctly render a Latvian translation with the utmost accuracy.

Native speakers will understand the subtle cultural meanings of words which will avoid embarrassing mistakes, or awkward phrasing, in translation.

Having translators who are subject experts is another component in our strategy in achieving a superior translation product.

It matters considerably that your translator is deeply familiar with the area of translation, whether it is business, legal documents, or medical records, when doing Latvian to English or English to Latvian translation. We only use bilingual subject field experts who are fluent in English.

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When paying for a translation, you want a good return on your investment. You want to know with assurance that the finished product you receive is of the highest quality. Our company’s high standards will provide that assurance.

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About Latvian Language

Latviešu Valoda

Country Where Spoken

Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Russia (Europe), Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, Venezuela.

Official Language of

European Union, Latvia.


Northern Europe

Alternate Names

Lettisch, Lettish.

Total Speakers


Language Family

Baltic, Eastern Baltic, Indo-European, Latvian.

Writing Style

Roman script


East Latvian (High Latvian, Latgalian), West Latvian (Central Latvian).