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One problem faced by a customer seeking Macedonian to English or English to Macedonian translation is that they are not fluent in the source language themselves. This is why they are looking for a translation expert in the first place. Being able to rely on your Macedonian translation means you must find a translator you can count on.

All Translation Services is just such a company. It is our great pride to only provide Macedonian translation work that meets or exceeds the highest industry specifications. You will always get a trustworthy rendition of your original documents when you utilize our services.

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About Macedonian Language

Macedonian is the official language of Macedonia and is also a part of the Eastern Group of South Slavic languages. Macedonian language has approximately 2-3 million speakers on a world wide scale. Based on a large group of features, Macedonian dialects can be divided into Western and Eastern groups. The five groups in which the dialects of Macedonian are divided into are Eastern Group, Northern Group, Kostur-Korca Group, Prolog Group and Debar Group. The Macedonian language has analytic grammar as compared to other Slavic languages. With so many similarities coming from the Greek and other languages, this Macedonian language can present a challenge to those who are not aware of the fundamentals of the language.

We Only Use Expert Macedonian Translators

In order to be an expert in Macedonian translation, a person must have complete fluency in both English and Macedonian languages.

It is also highly relevant that they are intensely familiar with cultural idioms and phrases in both languages in order to avoid awkwardness in phrasing or embarrassing mistakes.

We seek out bilingual, native speakers for all of our Macedonian translation work to assure you of an accurate final product.

Subject matter proficiency is also vital, and this is also a necessary requirement for all of our translators. Medical experts are used for medical record translation. Game software experts are entrusted to the translation of game localization.

Only business experts in the field of business required are given the task of translating a business contract for a specific Macedonian to English or English to Macedonian translation job.

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We will give you the highest quality and best return for the money you spend for your translation project. Our commitment to you is always for the most trustworthy finished product, at the best price, for any Macedonian to English or English to Macedonian translation job, whatever size or subject matter you have.


About Macedonian Language

Македонски јазик

Makedonski jazik



Country Where Spoken

Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Canada, Hungary, Slovenia.

Official Language of



The Balkans

Alternate Names

Macedonian Slavic, Makedonski, Slavic.

Total Speakers


Language Family

Eastern South Slavic, Indo-European, Macedonian, Slavic, South Slavic.

Writing Style

Cyrillic (Macedonian variant)


Northern Macedonian, Southeastern Macedonian, Western Macedonian