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About Malay Language

Malay refers to a group of languages which are closely related to each other to the point of mutual precision. Malay is an official language of Brunei and Malaysia and is also one of the financial languages of Singapore. This language has more than 300 million speakers all over the world. Malay language is usually written using Latin alphabet called Rumi. Malay is an agglutinative language and new words are formed by three different methods. Net words can be created by attaching affixes onto the root word (affixation), repetition of words or portion of words (reduplication) and formation of a compound word (composition).

The language which has such a complex structure can be translated by the one who knows the language completely and has good years of experience in translation.

Our team of Malay translators

We have a team of Malay translators both natives and residents of the land. They are well-versed in Malay language and are trained for English to Malay or Malay to English translation jobs.

Our works or projects are certified correct as every document have been proofread by certified Malay linguist. We also provide free estimates, personalized and comprehensive services along with fast and accurate results.

To ensure top quality services and high standard performances among our All Translation Services elite team, we only employ those candidates that have successfully passed our rigorous selection process.

We translate Malay language with ease and on time!

Our team employs unique strategy and expertise to make sure all projects are done on time. All Translation Services has a reputation to uphold. With it and our teamwork set us apart.

We have the resources, technology and methodology to give you the best turnaround time for your English to Malay and Malay to English translations.


About Malay Language

Bahasa Melayu, بهاس ملايو

Country Where Spoken

Australia, Brunei, Indonesia (Sumatra), Malaysia, Singapore, Southern Philippines, Southern Thailand, USA.

Official Language of

Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand.

Alternate Names

Bazaar Malay, Pasar Malay

Total Speakers


Language Family

Austronesian, Local Malay, Malay, Malayan, Malayic, Nuclear MP, Sunda-Sulawesi.

Writing Style

Jawi (Arabic script), Rumi (Latin alphabet).


Bazaar Malay (Low Malay, Pasar Malay, Pasir Malay, Trade Malay), Kedah, Kelantan, Perak (Southern Malay), Sarawak Malay, Trengganu.