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About Malvi Language

Malvi language is spoken in the Malwa region of India. This language has more than 20 million speakers all over the world. Two other names of this language are Malwi and Ujjaini. Malvi language is classified into Rajasthani languages with Nimadi and Nimar languages as its closest cousins.

The four different dialects of Malvi language are Ujjaini, Rajawadi, Umathwadi and Sondhwadi. The Malvi language can also refer to a dialect of Panjabi spoken in the same region. As this single language of Malvi has its characteristics from so many different languages, it can be said that the translator who is going to perform the translation needs to be aware of each and every facet of this language.

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About Malvi Language

Country Where Spoken


Official Language of

Madhya Pradesh


Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh

Total Speakers


Language Family

Central Indo-Aryan, Indo-Aryan, Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Malvi, Rajasthani


Bachadi, Bhoyari, Dholewari, Hoshangabadi, Jamral, Katiyai, Malvi, Patvi, Rangri, Sondwari