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About Manipuri Language

Manipuri is the name of the language which is spoken by the people living in the southeastern Himalayan state of Manipur. Manipuri language has proven to be a large integrating factor among all the ethnic groups in Manipur who use it to communicate among themselves. Manipuri is a tonal language and has its own script called Meitei-Mayek. Although this language is not having so many peculiar features, but the proper value of this language in regard to the translation process cannot be underestimated.

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In proper Manipuri to English or English to Manipuri translation, it is essential that the translator have three main qualifications.

  1. They must be a native speaker of the target language.
  2. They must be absolutely fluent in the source language.
  3. They also must have a well grounded familiarity with the subject matter for which Manipuri translation is being sought.

Our company will deliver these three requirements for every Manipuri translation job you allow us to perform for you. Only native speakers are employed.

Complete fluency in English is a basic requirement of all our translation experts. A minimum of four years subject area experience is at the foundation of every translator’s knowledge base for the job they are assigned to perform.

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When you allow us the pleasure of serving your translation needs, you can relax with confidence that the job will be performed with absolute reliability. You will receive precise, fast, and affordable Manipuri to English or English to Manipuri translation with every order you place.


About Manipuri Language


Country Where Spoken

Bangladesh, Myanmar, Northeast India

Official Language of



Assam, Bangladesh, Cachar, Karimganji, Manipur, Myanmar, Nagaland, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal

Alternate Names

Kathe, Kathi, Manipuri, Meiteilon, Meiteiron, Meithe, Meithei, Menipuri, Mitei, Mithe, Ponna

Total Speakers


Language Family

Meitei, Sino-Tibetan, Tibeto-Burman

Writing Style

Eastern Nagari, Meitei Mayek


Meitei, Loi, Pangal