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We are happy to complete various types of translation with our highly qualified team. Projects can involve various specialties, such as politics, medicine, law, and education. Due to high quality service and translators, we have built trust with many companies.

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About Mongolian Language

The Mongolian language belongs to the Mongolic language family with 5.7 million speakers; in which majority (more than 90%) include the residents of Mongolia. Mongolian language has diverse dialects. For example, in Mongolia, the Khalkha dialect of Mongolian, written in Cyrillic, is widely used. Similarly, in the inner Mongolia region, the language is more dialectally diverse. Here, the language is written in the traditional Mongolian script.

Mongolian language has vowel harmony and a complex syllabic structure, which allows up to three syllable-final consonants. There are five voices; and the verbs are marked for voice, aspect, tense, and epistemic modality/evidentiality. Under the sentence linkage, specialized role is played by converbs.

Our Team of Mongolian Translators

Mongolian translators have the expertise in various subjects to fulfill a range of translation projects. Our company ensures that a translator fluent knows both the source and target language.

English is widely spoken worldwide. However, Mongolian is isolated in Mongolia and nearby areas in China. Expatriates may be sought due to fluency in both languages. However, native Mongolians can translate with precision including proper idioms and euphemisms. Hence, high quality service can be delivered to customers.

Rigorous qualifications are in place to ensure professionalism in translators. Additionally, translators are screened carefully to ensure a high quality team.

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To meet client demand, our translators can translate an average of 3,000 words per day between English and Mongolian. We time our services to client needs. We do not rely on other existing rules. As projects are completed, new guidelines are set to provide professional quality English to Mongolian and Mongolian to English translation projects to our customers.

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About Mongolian Language

Монгол (Mongol) (Mongɣul)

Country Where Spoken

China, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Taiwan

Official Language of

China, Mongolia


Buryatia, Heilongjiang, Issyk-Kul, Jilin, Liaoning, Mongolia

Alternate Names

Central Mongolian, Halh, Khalkha Mongolian, Mongol

Total Speakers


Language Family

Altaic, Eastern, Khalkha-Buryat, Mongolian, Mongolic, Oirat-Khalkha


Dariganga, Halh (Khalkha), Khotogoit, Sartul, Tsongol