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About Mundari Language

Mundari Language is popular and prominent spoken language in Nepal, Bangladesh and India. As far as India is concerned, the language is spoken in the western and southern regions of Ranchi, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Tripura, West Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and North Orissa.

Exclusive to its origin, the language bears similarity to Austro-Asiatic, North Munda, Munda, Mundari and Kherwari family of languages. There are approximately 2,074,700 users of Mundari language, and more significantly, the language is seen as means of communication by the ancient Munda tribal people.

The language is also popular by other names vis-Ó-vis, Colh, Killi, Horo, Mondari, Mandari, Munda, Mundari: India and Munari. Mundari language has literacy rate of approximately 50% to 75%. The dialects associated with Mundari language include, Mandari, Hasada', Naguri, Latar, Kera', Bangla: Kera, Munda, Sadar Bhumij, Bhumji Thar and Bhumji Munda as well as Mundari: Bangladesh. The language has also been accorded rating of 4.1 on the progress scale.

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Country Where Spoken

Bangladesh, India, Nepal

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Language Family

Austro-Asiatic, Kherwari, Munda, Mundari, North Munda