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About Ndebele Language

Ndebele is a traditional African language which was introduced in Africa by Christian missionaries. The language has different forms spoken in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The Southern Ndebele language, classified as Nguni language or Sotho-Tswana language, spoken in South Africa, and the Northern Ndebele language, a Nguni language spoken in Zimbabwe.

The language is one of the 11 official languages of South Africa. In Zimbabwe, Ndebele is spoken by 16 percent of the country’s population. There are approximately1 million native Ndebele language speakers known. Ndebele has several unusual sounds. The language also relates to Nguni language of Zulu spoken in South Africa.

Our team of Ndebele translators

Our team of Ndebele translators includes translators who have prior experience in the relevant fields. All of them are experts in the subject matter. We make sure that all our translators have an excellent knowledge of the target language as well as the source language.

The only way a translator can have an excellent knowledge of their target language is by being a native of the land where the target language is spoken, which is why we only have natives and in-country Ndebele translators.

We adopt the most stringent methods to ensure that our work is of the finest quality, and our ever-expanding team of Ndebele translators is selected with the utmost care. To become a part of All Translation Services, each translator has to pass a rigorous selection process.


About Ndebele Language


Country Where Spoken

Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa

Official Language of

South Africa


Matabeleland North, Matabeleland South in Zimbabwe, North-East District in Botswana, Limpopo

Alternate Names

Nrebele, Ndzundza, Transvaal Ndebele, Southern Ndebele

Total Speakers


Language Family

Atlantic-Congo, Bantoid, Bantu, Benue-Congo, Central Bantu, Central, Group S, Narrow Bantu, Nguni, Niger-Congo, Northern Ndebele, Northern, S group, Sotho, Sotho-Tswana (S.30), Southern Bantoid, Southern Ndebele, Southern, Volta-Congo