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Our company is uniquely equipped to provide you with Nepalese to English and English to Nepalese translations whenever you are in need of them. We are a leader in the translation industry, and work to the highest standards when accomplishing Nepalese translation projects of any dimensions.

We can accommodate most any type of project, and you will receive tailor made results, whether for business documents such as brochures, a Ph.D. thesis or personal correspondence. Punctuality, flawless accuracy and fair pricing are our hallmarks. You will not be disappointed with your Nepalese translation when you entrust us to fulfill your needs.

About Nepalese Language

Nepalese language belongs to the category of Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family. The language enjoys official status in Nepal Kingdom, besides, having its speakers in India and parts of Myanmar (Burma). The language also holds the status amongst the 23 official languages. The language also holds independent official status in Sikkim and West Bengal's Darjeeling district.

Nepalese has close association with Hindi-Urdu complex (macro language) and is partially mutually intelligible. The language, just like Hindi and Sanskrit, is written in the Devanagari script. However, in western Nepal, Utarakhand, and Himachal use of Takri script is also quite common.

Our Expert Nepalese Translators

We are continuously enlisting the finest translators into our pool of translation experts. All of our translators must meet three stringent standards to work on our team. They must be native to the land of the source language to ensure their proficiency in that language, and to ensure that they have the cultural background needed for an outstanding Nepalese to English or English to Nepalese translation. They must also have superlative English skills.

An excellent Nepalese translation also requires that the translator have well developed skills in the field of endeavor needed for the translation.

We only use translators who fulfill all of these requirements. Your translator will always be a native Nepalese speaker, and entirely proficient in the English language.

In addition, your translator will have no less than four years experience in the subject for which you need a Nepalese translation.

Nepalese Translation Is Our Specialty

We work to the highest level of quality standards for all translation work. Our commitment to our customers is for a high value return for their investment.

Punctuality, accuracy and reasonable fees are at the heart of our business model for every Nepalese to English and English to Nepalese translation that customers bring to us.

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About Nepalese Language


Country Where Spoken

Bhutan, India, Nepal

Official Language of

Nepal, Sikkim


South Asia

Alternate Names

Eastern Pahari, Gorkhali, Gurkhali, Khaskura, Nepalese, Parbatiya

Total Speakers


Language Family

Eastern Pahari, Indo-Aryan, Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Nepalese, Pahari (Northern zone)

Writing Style

Devanagari script


Acchami, Baitadi, Bajhangi, Bajurali, Darjula, Doteli, Soradi