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About Norwegian Language

Norwegian also known as Norsk, is a North Germanic language widely spoken in Norway. In line with Swedish and Danish, Norwegian forms the mutually intelligible local and regional variant. In a light mood, the Norwegian language is said to be "Danish spoken in Swedish."

Norwegian is also the working languages of the Nordic Council. Norwegians speak both Bokmål and Nynorsk. Statistics point out that 86.3% use Bokmål as routine language for writing; 5.5% use both Bokmål and Nynorsk, and 7.5% use primarily Nynorsk.


About Norwegian Language




Country Where Spoken

Canada, Ecuador, Norway, Sweden, UAE, USA

Official Language of


Alternate Names

Norwegian Traveller, Rodi

Total Speakers


Language Family

East and West Scandinavian, Germanic, Indo-European, North Germanic, Norwegian

Writing Style

Latin (Norwegian variant)


Central Norwegian (Midland Norwegian), Eastern Norwegian (Ostlandet), Northern Norwegian (Trondelaag, Nordland).Western Norwegian (Coastal Norwegian)