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About Swedish Language

Swedish belongs to the family of North Germanic language, and is spoken by over 10 million people in Sweden, selective areas of Finland, and the ┼land islands. The language is mutually intelligible with Norwegian and Danish languages respectively. Standard Swedish is the national language of the people of Sweden. The speakers of language are also known to exist in the parts of Estonia (Nuck÷) and Ukraine (Gammalsvenskby).

Swedish morphology has similar nature to the English language. Like English language, the words in Swedish language have few inflections, two genders, no grammatical cases, besides, having clear cut distinction between plural and singular. In the older forms of Swedish language, there are nominative and genitive cases along with distinct accusative and dative forms. In addition, the Swedish language is unique in the sense that it has voiceless dorso-palatal velar fricative, which is considered as a highly variable consonant phoneme.

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We have hired a great group of Swedish translators who have years of experience. Our translators are eloquent in Swedish and also articulate in languages that they have to translate the dialect to. We ensure that our translators undergo various tests to ascertain they are highly qualified to perform the job.

Swedish to English and English to Swedish translation, as well as other translation services we offer, are done in the most proficient manner. We have worthwhile methods we make use of to guarantee each client receives the best of our translation services.

We deliver our client’s work accordingly and within the given time-frame. Our Swedish translators are not only professionals who produce high standard work but they are prompt, meticulous and efficient.

Our rates are within reason thus our translating services are accessible to most everybody. We are one of a kind Swedish translation service company and we strive to ensure that all our clients are satisfied and will become repeat customers.

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About Swedish Language



[ˈsvɛnˌska] (with grave accent)

Country Where Spoken

Canada, Estonia, Finland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, USA.

Official Language of

Finland, Sweden de facto.


Northern Europe

Alternate Names

Ruotsi, Svenska

Total Speakers


Language Family

East Scandinavian, Germanic, Indo-European, North Germanic, Swedish.


Eastern Swedish (Finland Swedish, Estonian Swedish), Gutniska (Gutamal, Gotlandic, Gutnic), Northern Swedish (Norrland), Svea.