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About Tatar Language

Tatar is commonly popular in Russia, Central Asia, Ukraine, Poland, China, Finland and Turkey. The language is spoken by over 5.3 million people world wide. There are 3 major dialects found in Tatar language, which include, Western (Mişńr or Mishar), Middle (Qazan), and the Eastern (Siberian). Tatar uses Cyrillic alphabet, and all the e-publishing industry, websites, etc work done in the language uses Cyrillic. However, the guides are generally published in the two alphabets. Further, Tatar is also considered the official language in Idel-Ural State.

Tartar has low prestige and its use for academic purposes is limited. The language is prominently used in Tatarstan, and is restricted to the humanities only.

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About Tatar Language

татарча / Tatarša / تاتارچا

Country Where Spoken

China, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine.

Official Language of



Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

Alternate Names

Judeo-Crimean Turkish, Krimchak.

Total Speakers


Language Family

Kypchak, Kypchak–Bolgar, Tatar, Turkic