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About Telugu Language

Telugu, also known by the popular variant, Telegu, is the language of Dravidian origin, which is also native to Indian sub-continent. Apart from being official language of state of Andhra Pradesh, Telugu also forms an integral part of twenty-two scheduled languages included in the constitution of republic of India. Telugu is also widely spoken in the adjoining states of is also spoken in adjoining states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Maharashtra and Chattisgarh.

There are over 74 million native speakers of Telugu language in India. Statistics show that Telugu is also ranked amongst the top 14 ethnologue languages spoken in the world. Though the etymology existence of Telugu is not certain, it is believed that the word comes from and associated with trilinga, as in Trilinga Desa, "the country of the three lingas".

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All of our translators are highly educated language translation specialists, and your Telugu translation will be done by a person who is a native speaker of the target language.

We also demand of our translators that they be entirely fluent in the source language. This will assure you that your Telugu to English or English to Telugu translation will not contain any embarrassing errors or mistranslations.

Our language specialists are also experts in the subject area for each document they translate. If you seek medical record Telugu translation, then only someone familiar with this highly technical language will be given the task.

If your needs are for business, then we will find you a business specialist to meet your Telugu translation needs.

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Our company’s vision is to always be in the top most level of accuracy and specialization for every translation we do. We aim to please all customers, whether they are private parties or large corporations. When it comes to outstanding Telugu to English or English to Telugu translation, you can always expect only the finest from our company.


About Telugu Language


Country Where Spoken

Bahrain, Fiji, India, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, UAE.

Official Language of



Andhra Pradesh

Alternate Names

Andhra, Gentoo, Tailangi, Telangire, Telegu, Telgi, Tengu, Terangi, Tolangan.

Total Speakers


Language Family

Dravidian, South-Central, Telugu.

Writing Style

Telugu script


Berad, Dasari, Dommara, East, Godaveri, Golari, Guntur, Kamathi, Komtao, Konda-Reddi, Nellore, Rayalseema, Salewari, Srikakula, Telangana, Telugu, Vadaga, Vadari, Vishakapatnam.