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About Thai Language

Thai is regarded as the national and official language of Kingdom of Thailand. The language also enjoys status of mother tongue, and is widely used by Thai people, which is also the dominant ethnic group in the kingdom of Thailand. Many of the words in Thai language are taken from Pali, Sanskrit and Old Khmer. Thai language is a tonal and analytic language, which has complex orthography and relational markers.

Thai language has many dialects. Standard Thai, or the Central Thai or Siamese, is spoken by more than 65 –million people. Included in the number, are the speakers of Bangkok Thai. A separate dialect, called as Korat Thai has over 400,000 speakers of the language in Nakhon Ratchasima. Korat Thai dialect holds the position between the Central Thai and the Isan language. Apart from the standard Thai language, there are many other languages spoken in the kingdom of Thailand. Some of these include, Nyaw language, widely spoken in Nakhon Phanom Province, Sakhon Nakhon Province and the Udon Thani Province of Northeast Thailand. Galung language, widely in use in the Nakhon Phanom Province of Northeast Thailand.

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Our team is ready to handle any Thai to English or English to Thai translation. We can handle business and personal translations for clients around the world on a daily basis. Moreover, we routinely provide services for medical, legal, technical, financial and general documents.

We are skilled in multiple areas and can help our clients finish any size job in a timely manner with our professional English to Thai and Thai to English translation service.

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About Thai Language

ภาษาไทย phasa thai



Country Where Spoken

Singapore, Thailand, UAE, USA.

Official Language of



Central Thailand

Alternate Names

Central Tai, Siamese, Standard Thai, Thaiklang.

Total Speakers


Language Family

Be-Tai, Chiang Saeng, East Central, Kam-Tai, Southwestern, Tai, Tai-Kadai, Tai-Sek.


Khorat Thai (Korat)