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About Tibetan Language

Standard Tibetan, often called Central Tibetan, holds the official language status in Tibet. The written Tibetan language is entirely based on Classical Tibetan, and written in Indic script, which is highly conservative in nature. Symbolic words are extensively used to connote scientific and astrological works. The standard Tibetan has eight vowels described by Tournadre and Sangda Dorje respectively. The eight vowels include, Front, Unrounded Front, Rounded Back, rounded, Close [i] [y] [u], Close-mid [e] [°] [o], Open-mid [ɛ] and the Open.

Tibetan is an ergative language. Generically, adjectives follow nouns, provided the condition where, two are linked by a genitive particle. The objects and adverbs come before the verb. Adjectives also come before the verb in case of copular clauses. Numerals and demonstratives strictly adhere to the noun, which they modify. Furthermore, a genitive case noun precedes the noun clause. Tibetan language is guided and controlled by the principles of euphony.


About Tibetan Language

བོད་སྐད་ bod skad

Country Where Spoken

Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, Pakistan.

Official Language of



Baltistan, Kashmir, Tibet.

Alternate Names

Amdo, Anduo, Ngambo.

Total Speakers


Language Family

Himalayish, Sino-Tibetan, Tibetan, Tibeto-Burman, Tibeto-Kanauri.


Hbrogpa, Rongba, Rongmahbrogpa, Rtahu.